Glow Plaza

Introducing The Glow Plaza

This summer, join us @theglowplaza every Friday & Saturday for our FREE outdoor concert series! We’ve booked a spectrum in varying styles of music, so there’s sure to be something for everyone! The fun starts with the series kickoff on July 9th and runs through Mid-September. Event times are 5-11 pm, while set times run 6:30-10:30 pm each night.

Drinks  We’ve converted an Airstream International Travel Trailer into a Full-Service Bar – dubbed the “Tipsy Tin”, which will be serving your favorite libations all summer long.

Food  At any given weekend, you’ll have your choice of three different food truck options, rotating on a weekly basis,  to provide your palette with ever-changing mouthwatering options.

Events Schedule

Jul 9-10 RSVP

Creating a sound based on a fusion of Rock & Roll and Soul, Maxx Cabello Jr will be kicking off our summer concert series.

Jul 16-17 RSVP

Enjoy a Reno local favorite, the Jason King Band, while you experience a blend of Blues and Rock & Roll.

Jul 23-24 RSVP

Enjoy a double dose of Southern Rock courtesy of the Brodie Stewart Band. Featuring food trucks – 7/23 – Tacos Tijuana & Bus Boy, 7/24 – Tacos Tijuana & Cosa Nostra Italian

Jul 30-31 RSVP

Get your boogie on, with two nights of your favorite 80’s Party Music, featuring the New Wave Crave Band. Featuring food trucks – 7/30- Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eats, 7/31 – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food

Aug 6-7 RSVP

Take a journey back in time and rock out to all of your favorites from the ’60s, with The 60’s Summer of Love. Featuring food trucks – 8/6- Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eat, 8/7 – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food

Aug 13-14 RSVP

Get ready for a hefty dose of American Rock & Roll via the unique four-piece band, the American Mile. Featuring food trucks – 8/13 – Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eats, 8/14 – Tacos Tijuana & Cosa Nostra Italian

Aug 20 RSVP

Get ready for an encore performance from The Jason King Band taking the stage on Friday! Featuring food trucks – Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eats

Aug 21 RSVP

If you didn’t catch them on the first go-around The New Wave Crave will be returning for a special second performance on Saturday. Don’t miss out! Featuring food trucks – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food

Aug 27-28 RSVP

Giving you a second dose of his signature sound, “Rock & Soul”, Maxx Cabello Jr makes his highly anticipated return. Featuring food trucks – 8/27 – Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eats, 8/28 – Tacos Tijuana & Cosa Nostra Italian

UPDATE: Friday – 8/27: The show has been canceled due to unhealthy air quality from the recent wildfires in the region.

Sep 3-4 RSVP

Get ready to rock out for some highly energetic Hard Rock, featuring the Greg Golden Band. Featuring food trucks – 9/3 – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food, 9/4 – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food

Sep 10-11 RSVP

Offering a unique blend of sound combining, County, American, and Southern Rock, the Cripple Creek Band has a little something for everyone. Featuring food trucks – 9/10 – Tacos Tijuana & 775-Eats, 9/11 – Tacos Tijuana & Wrek It Ryan Street Food

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As of July 30, 2021, per Governor Sisolak’s mandate to align with the CDC mask-wearing guidance, masks ARE mandatory for all guests (vaccinated and unvaccinated.)